I consume design as fervently as I produce it. Solid design has its own voice, its own conviction and reason to exist. At its core it has simplicity, intent and commercial purpose.

I am fortunate enough to have worked with some distinguished recording artists in my 400+ strong album design career, as well as unsung heroes and up-and-coming artists.

Similarly I have designed corporate image packs and logo devices for large corporates and multinational brands as well as startups and dreamers. My work is represented in more than 200 corporate image or campaign logo applications, for local and international brands, either directly with the client or contributing on a freelance basis into an agency team.

I believe in music and design, enough so that it has the power to shape our world. It has undeniably shaped mine. Album and logo design, capture the essence of things in such a distilled manner – they have always held the greatest attraction to me.

I have a few awards. They are in a box under my desk. I look at them occasionally.

I still work in traditional media for most of the conceptual stages. A concept in the hand is worth 10 gimmicks in the bush they say.

My love, remains capturing that elusive big feel and packing it into simple, commercially successful work that fits.

Enjoy the work, the thoughts and dialogue. If it moves you – get in touch.